The Centurions and the Spear of Destiny

The Centurions have defeated the evil Baron Von Luger but the world is always in trouble!

As the Centurions go their separate ways they are all sent an invite to a special 4th of July riverboat gambling cruise by Colonel Ichabod Lee, a man with a mysterious past.

There they meet some old faces as well as some new ones and in a simple accident a train of events is triggered that could lead to the end of the world!

Now the heroes must race against time from Louisiana to China to Russia and Istanbul and much more!

They will be stretched to their very limits, and with the Spear of Destiny in their hands and time running out, they alone can stop the apocalypse!

The Cast
An inside peek at the cast and crew of The Centurions and…the Spear of Destiny.

The Story
Read the thrilling adventure!

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