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Player Characters

Telemachus Marr
The erudite graduate of the Imperial Academy, Telemachus has gained the rank of Commander through a combination of charisma, intelligence and ensuring that Jax and Nate do what needs doing. Humorously incompetent at any task beyond diplomacy he never-the-less attempts to do his duty. Such a shame his loyalties are by no means clear.

Sergeant1, and general problem-fixer of the group.

Banack Karr

Rolan Dex
The rookie of the squad, Rolan is a trained pilot.

An original clone trooper.

Official Imperial Records assert that Bindle died aboard the Perpetrator, he is, however alive and well and currently looking for the nearest exit. Just in case.

Supporting Player Characters2

George Ashallenar
An Admiral within the Imperial Navy, he attained this rank not through command of successful campaigns, but by slowly climbing the ranks of the Imperial bureaucratic machine.

Vara Durrun
Agent of the Bureau of Imperial Intelligence. Mission Assignment: Classified.

Draven Moonshadow
Major Draven Moonshadow, top ISB operative personally commended by the Emperor on several occasions. He has been in deep cover within the Sith empire for 16 months posing as a first officer on a Sith ship. Devastatingly handsome with the Empire's best interests taking place above nothing else he still finds time to make love to every sexy counter agent that comes his way

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