Soldiers of the Empire: Campaign

Episode 1: An Uneasy Assignment

A Star Destroyer orbits the blue green forest planet of Balarak in the outer-most regions of known space, its moon ever present in the sky above the planet. The construction work on the moons surface was clearly evident from the small lambda shuttle as it dropped out from hyperspace several hundred kilometres away. The pilot hailed the Star Destroyer Perpetrator, indicating that it was the Imperial Shuttle Basoth, transmitted clearance codes to the Star Destroyer and confirmed its passenger manifest of Stormtrooper Unit B45-TY scheduled for immediate deployment on the planet below. The shuttle descends into the planet’s atmosphere revealing a lush green planet composed of forests of giant trees separated by open plains where strange animals could be seen moving in herds. The shuttle passes over a mountain range and reveals, built partially into the mountain side the imperial base.

As the main doors hiss open, the lieutenant orders his men out and to line up. They are greeted by General Minell Thornton, who proceeds to inspect his new troops. He makes particular reference to the small number in this new assignment and wistfully reminisces the days of the Clone Wars. They are then dismissed and the general’s young aid, Commander Aayla shows them to their new quarters before taking them to the briefing room. The General appears and gives a presentation about the planets native inhabitants and the need to suppress any insurrection to Imperial rule, and so they were ordered to make their presence felt but not to engage unless provoked. The General then left, stating he had shoes to inspect, and the Commander took to the podium and informed the troops that while the General was nominally in charge due to his vast experience, however age had blunted his intelligence and so their orders would come from the Admiral on the Perpetrator. These orders were to wipe out all possible native resistance and make them feel the full force of the Empire.

The squad left in an armoured hover tank, and quickly located the natives. The Kiffar are a near-human species, that while technologically advanced had never developed technology that would allow them to leave their planet. Instead they focused on combining their technology with nature, to the point where their entire city was located within a forest and the line where technology ended and nature was blurred. The tank entered the city of Sheyf, and was immediately greeted by small children who came out of their homes to see the strangers; they were followed by young women who showed no fear for the Stormtroopers, who were conflicted. The lieutenant had issued commands that they would investigate before attacking, and while some of the other had itchy trigger fingers, he held firm. They met with the leader of the Kiffar, Kurlin Vos who stated after questioning that the men were out in the fields working while the women tended to the city and their children. Telemachus and Jax were invited into the palace to discuss matters, however Jax left and while Telemachus was discussing the political and social environment, Jax was plotting mutiny with his fellow squad mates. When Telemachus returned the mutiny was about to be played out, but before any of them could act there was a loud sonic boom as the Perpetrator crash landed into the planet. Having unknowingly just survived a mutiny, Telemachus gets ordered to investigate after receiving orders via Banack.

The Perpetrator had crashed along the surface of the planet, a large impact zone of broken trees and dirt showed the path that it had taken, before becoming embedded into the side of a mountain. When the squad arrive they observe the fluctuations in the Star Destroyer's engines, and Banack detects power cascades in the hyperspace engine. Unable to communicate with anyone on the Perpetrator they begin looking for survivors, and discover a single escape pod smashed into the surface. Detecting life signs within they open it, and wedged into the compacted area was a stormtrooper, Bindle. Banack is finally able to link up to the Star Destroyers main computer and finds out four important things:

  1. The crash occurred while they were testing an experimental device;
  2. They had detected an incoming ship prior to the accident;
  3. Only one escape pod was launched and that occurred seconds prior to it fully crashing and;
  4. The engines are rapidly progressing to critical and would explode any minute.

They quickly scramble into their tank and, with some quick mechanical adjustments increase its speed, moments later the Perpetrator exploded.

Arriving back at the Imperial Base, they are confronted by odd stormtroopers with a black diamond symbol on their breastplate. Commander Aayla stands at the front of them with General Thornton's severed head. He accuses the squad of being traitors of the Empire and demands they surrender their weapons, which they do after the other stormtroopers raise their blasters. Moments later they find themselves in the brig. They attempt to talk to the guard outside the door, who after Rolan speaks to him opens the door and is quickly ambushed by the others. They interrogate him before locking him up in their cell. They make their way to the prison control room which has several troopers at stations. They surprise them and quickly overpower them and claim weapons from them. Fleeing into the turbo lifts they make their way to the hanger and steal a hyper drive-less lambda space shuttle. Before leaving they rig the tie fighters to explode if they are used, and then flee the planet, followed by explosions from the hanger. Entering Balarak's orbit they are confronted with a Super Star Destroyer, and using some impressive manoeuvres are able to avoid being hit by the super Star Destroyer's turbo lasers and make their way to the moon. They land in a seemingly deserted bay and find a small, ancient but hyperspace capable freighter, the Sable Raptor. They launch off, and go to launch into hyperspace only to find that the ship's nav computer is locked. The only place they could go was Korriban, they decide to proceed and punch in the nav computer.

Just before the ship jumps to hyperspace there is a large flash of green light from the moon, however they are gone, travelling at hyper space and settle back for the journey.

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