...the Spear of Destiny


BERMUDA…. JULY 1st 1925

A barrel floats upon the fog covered waters of Bermuda. Through the ambient sounds of light waves the static and eventually tune of a rhumba pierces the haze. The “Surly Mermaid” floats through the waters of Bermuda, it's stoic captain at the bridge.

“I loooove RUM! Itchsss greeat…” Slurred Captain Seamus Blackheart as he manned the wheel.

Akiraka Mayakashi stood at the helm, her black hair blowing in the wind. She shook her head as Seamus' began to slur a se shanty over the loud speaker.

Further on the deck Phoebe Fixit manned a large electro-magnet designed by herself and Dr. Otto Von Steele. Their goal was to figure out why the Bermuda triangle seemed to make boats and planes disappear. Otto's theory was that it was similar to the Lemuria event, but far more frequent.

“Alright we are about to head into the calculated area of dimensional flux” crackled the radio.

It was Otto, he was in a bi-plane ahead of the steamer ship with Tatyana Lebedenko the Russian Journalist. Their job was to head into the void and attach an EMFAB (Electro Magnetic Field Arc Beacon)this would allow the team to stabilise the dimensional anomaly.

Seamus grabbed the radio mic.

“Yeahggh, wee aree all ready shooo-” Akiraka snatched the mic off of the Captain.

“We are all good on this end Doctor” She said.

The Surly Mermaid had reached the edge of the anomaly. Seamus killed the engine and the ship came to a stop. In front of them was a huge calm pocket of clear sky and sea, as if it weren't connected to the fog and ocean around it. Ahead in the calm sky was Otto's bi-plane.

“All right it should go back any second now-” Otto was cut off.

In an instant the pocket was gone and in the vacuum fog instanly rushed in to cover the now choppy ocean. The radio hissed static.

“Come in Doctor”, shouted Akiraka, “Come in!”

More static, then.


Phoebe fixit walked into the wheel house.

“I can boost the signal!” she said, ducking under the control panel.

After moving around a few wires and grounding the radio to the whole metal ship, using it as a giant antenna, the radio picked up again.

“Can you hear us now?” Akiraka asked.

“Aye, can you hearr ush?” shouted Seamus.

Akiraka nudged him out of the way.

“Yes I hear you! This place is amazing! It is a real marvel of science, if only you could see…Oh God! What is that?!”

“Doctor!” Akiraka shouted.

The sounds of screaming could barely be heard over the static. Their radio was dead, and Tatyana and Otto's fate looked grim.

“Doctor!” she shouted again.

Seamus immediately started up the engine and set out into the fog where the clearing had once been.

Phoebe turned on the huge halogen spotlight at the bow of the ship and started sweeping the waters with it while Akiraka kept a watchful eye on the sea. Ten minutes had passed and they had reached the centre of the anomaly's location.

“Arr, we better be movin', the dimensional anomoly thing will be back in ten minutes” shouted Seamus over the loud speaker.

The ship kept going forward, hoping to make it to the other side of what Otto had called the “Flux Zone” before the anomaly returned. As they got a safe distance away, the clear sky and ocean returned like clockwork.

As they looked over the calm ocean there was nothing to see, the bi-plane was not there. After a few minutes Akiraka spotted something, two objects drifting towards the boat.

She grabbed a barge pole from the deck and pulled up the objects. Tatyana's camera, probably ruined but the film was still sealed in the casing, and Otto's ZEF Generator, carefully disguised as a briefcase.

Seamus took off his cap with respect.

“You're a hard man to find, Mr. Blackberry” came a voice from the fog.

A man wearing a black suit and bowler hat walked upon the deck, towards the three grieving team members.

“That's Captain Blackheart, to you…who are you?”

“I am Agent 072, MI5” he replied.

The team were confused, why was this man here and how did he get on the ship.

“Look, if this is about the whole AWOL thing from 1916 I can explain, you see I wanted to return to duty but-”

“This has nothing to do with your past Captain, this is about your future”, 072 said calmly, “The Crown has need of your skills”.

“Arr, what be in it for me?” Seamus asked.

Akirika and Phoebe figured out how the agent had boarded them, beside the “Surly Mermaid” was a British warship, hidden mostly by the fog.

“You, do the crown one job and you can come and go in England whenever you want”.

“So what do I have to do?” asked Seamus skeptically.

“Just attend a party” said 072.

The agent handed Seamus a white envelope.

“And what am I supposed to-”

The agent was gone.

All that remained of his presence was the envelope.

It read; “Happy 4th of July!”

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