...the Race for Lemuria

Episode 1: Welcome to the Century Club!

In Which Our Heroes Meet and Destroy a Zeppelin

1st of January, 1925
The Woolworth Building, New York, USA

Our heroes find themselves in mysterious millionaire Rupert Finch’s penthouse apartment. They are in the library, a large, ostentatious room with a lavish desk and wonderful view. Behind the desk: Rupert Finch (played by Patrick Stewart), dapper in his smoking jacket and holding a glass of champagne.

Rupert Finch says “I have no doubt you wonder why you are here. I have a birthday present for you: a story. The story of the Century Club. A club of philanthropists. But at the heart of this club are the Centurions, a group of extraordinary people born on the first of the century. You will do many great things. Mr Lightspeed, please contain yourself. You have already accomplished many things but in the coming centuries you will do far more. But there is a greater threat…”

Suddenly, "Bang! Bang! Bang!". Finch is shot. Most of our gallant heroes dive for cover, while Brash tries to stare the withering fire down. Tatyana and Brash are both clipped. Finch speaks dying words to Tatyana: “The Brotherhood of the Iron Cross, Kurt…von…” and then passes out. Out the window, Brash can see a zeppelin, and opens fire on it, declaring, “They’re getting away! Very slowly!” He also spots a person hovering a long way off, hovering in the air with a rifle. Seth Zebulon examines the window, bumbles and falls onto a ladder, sliding out the window, where he notices a curious zeppelin (the above noted one) and that it is a big one with possible aircraft carrying capabilities.

Running up onto the roof, our heroes find themselves under fire again, but dive back into cover. Lightspeed notes that there are two people manning the gun, plus an officer behind them. He also works out that they probably believed they were dead, because of how far they got out of the roof door. Akiraka dives out of the door again, doing a cartwheel to get behind cover, while Phoebe Fixit sneaks out during Akiraka’s distraction. Charging her lightning gun, she fires upon the gunner, hitting him squarely in the face and killing him. The officer behind him cops a little as well. Lightspeed opens the door and fires on the zeppelin, sparking a fire and immolating the nearside balloon. Grabbing a rope dangling from the zeppelin, Seamus swings up to land on the deck and runs for the control tower. Morse code is beeping and there are crashing sounds and a siren. He slugs a crewman in the mug. Otto von Steele joins him, respecting Seamus’s ongoing fight by knocking another guy unconscious. Tatyana takes a photo of Otto running to save people from the burning zeppelin, taking care to photograph the side. With careful aim, Brash shoots out the other balloon, which deflates, crashing the gondola onto the roof of the building, while Phoebe Fixit dives into a hatch. Most of the crew catch fire and dive off the side, falling to their deaths below.

Akiraka and Zebulon return to Finch’s library, where they find that he have moved, leaving his hands pointing in certain directions as his last act of life. Seth examines the bookshelf Finch is pointing to with one of his hands, finding a book out of sequence to the Dewey decimal sequence, a book of children’s fiction in an archeology section. Pulling it out, he discovers that the wall revolves, moving him with it. Akiraka, unable to get to Zebulon, investigates the desk and finds a locked drawer.

Fixit finds herself in a bunk room with two angry crewmen. She draws her lightning gun, but it overloads and almost electrocutes her, though her opponents are electrocuted.

Above decks, Lightspeed boards the airship and examines the controls, pushing aside the disconcerted captain to take the wheel. Everything is written in non-American, but the controls look quite standard, though it doesn’t have fighters (which is odd). He holds the captain down with his boot to his throat, while Seamus goes through his pockets, finding papers, a cigarette case and a photo of wife. Otto examines the papers and discovers they are attack orders for a list of people, with the first part of the list crossed. The first one uncrossed is Rupert Finch, with just two more below it: Leonore Meyers and Everett Montbatten. The orders themselves are signed by “The Baron”. From the roof, Tatyana takes a legendary photo as Lightspeed leaps up, “to save more people.” She recognizes the symbol on the side of the zeppelin and being drawn by Magnus von Oggle, Germany’s premier painter, a man expensive to commission and probably insulted by being commissioned to design a logo.

Brash returns below, takes in the missing Zebulon and Akiraka rifling through Finch’s correspondence and protests, “I say! That’s not cricket!” In Japanese, she responds, “I’ve got to find the key!” and starts sifting through the body for a key, which she finds attached to a black orb in his pocket. Opening the locked drawer, Akiraka finds a journal. Brash is telling her to put it back when Tatyana enters, looks around the room, inspects the doorway Finch is pointing to, and walks above it to the mezzanine. Finding an archeology book in the children’s section there, she pulls it out and the desk rises up to twice its original height, producing a dazzling light which blinds Brash. He staggers away and falls into the wall that Seth walked through, activating it and vanishing behind it. From the mezzanine, Tatyana can see a map of the world projected on the floor, with Finch pointing at Alexandria and a spot in the middle of the Atlantic. She carefully takes a photo of the entire scene, including Brash trampling through the middle of Australia. Akiraka rips out a world map page and marks the locations on the map, then tells Tatyana to turn the light off.

Traveling up the stairs, Fixit emerges in the fighter bay, where the biplanes carried here are hidden under tarps in pieces, but could be assembled again.

In the control room, Lightspeed enters the captain’s quarters. It has a white dress uniform, though not one Lightspeed recognizes. Seamus idly fiddles with the controls while examining the radio. A siren goes off, while far to the aft a clamp on the fighter launch catapult locks onto Fixit’s foot and prepares to launch her off the tower. “Don’t touch that, you fool!” yells Otto, trying to find the switches to turn it off again as Blackheart runs to her aid.

Descending down the stairs, Seth finds there are no lights and so ignites a random book on archaeology with his pipe. He examines the children’s book, and finds it worthless, so lights that as well. The stairs end in a blast door, which he pounds on a bit but can’t open. “I say, is there anyone up there?” he calls back up the stairs. “Yes, indeed, old chap,” Brash replies. “Then follow the sound of my voice!” Brash sets off, but slips in the dark, rolling down the steps and arriving rather unperturbed at the bottom.

Fixit manages to free her foot, but the launcher is still preparing to fire. Lightspeed and Blackheart arrive at the flight deck as she is removing the last nut. Just then the launcher fires. Simultaneously, Lightspeed shoots the spanner out of her, preventing her from being shot into the air. The spanner is fired through a neighbouring window. Von Steele deactivates the remaining launcher. Behind him, the captain stands up and starts to leave, but Otto levels his saber at him and warns, “I wouldn’t leave if I were you.” The captain promptly embarrasses himself.

Tatyana returns to examine the revolving bookcase and notices a small, mechanical switch on the shelf. She activates it, spinning Akiraka and Tatyana to the otherside. Tatyana tries to wedge it open with one of Zebulon’s thick theses, but the book falls out. Igniting the flash on her camera, she identifies the activating mechanism and works out how to use it, returning to the library.

Down below, Brash ushers Zebulon back and destroys the lock with a point blank shot. Zebulon musters his might and turns the hatch, hearing air rush in. It is damp within, when suddenly, his book goes out.

Fixit, Blackheart and Lightspeed descend to the library. Von Steele joins them after the captain commits suicide by poison pill. Akiraka gives the map and journal to von Steele. Journal describes Finch’s entry to the Centurions in the 1800’s, including mention of The Baron as a villain. Tatyana and Lightspeed revolve around on the bookcase, closely followed by the remainder of our valiant heroes. Aided by the light from Tatyana’s seized candelabra, they descend the stairs.

Our heroes venture into the sub-basement, where there is a Spartan room with a desk and a pin board. The pin board has a photograph with a group of people, many of who have been crossed out. Two are circled and a few had question marks. Reggie Brash pulls a light switch, revealing our heroes to be in an abandoned subway tunnel. Where a subway train should be resting on the tracks, there is a large aircraft. Around the room are a number of load-bearing pillars dating to the ancient Greek culture. Otto notes that the list of targets on the zeppelin matches the photograph, though Leonore Meyers isn’t on the list. Montbatten (played by Brian Blessed) is a large, broad-chested man, towering above the others and wearing a large mustache. He is also labeled with a question mark. Phoebe examines the aircraft, noting that it can be repaired, though it will require some part from above. Within the desk, Seamus discovers mysterious mechanical pieces as he opens the cigarette case he got earlier. With a startling hiss, it pours out mustard gas. Otto passes the map to Seth, who notes that the mark at Alexandria, combined with the Greek columns, suggest it could point to the lost Library of Alexandria!

During a debate about where the coolest place everyone has been is, Tatyana discovers a service elevator to the roof, and ascend to meet up with Lightspeed and Fixit. Meanwhile, Brash investigates the mechanical pieces, and determines them to be parts from a British infantry pistol, though not complete. Seth asks whether anyone has found Finch’s diary, which Otto hands over. The journal describes the heroic daring-do of the Centurions of the last century, including mentioning that in the Great War, many of them have started to die, often in mysterious ways.

Tatyana arrives at the top roof and reveals the existence of the list. Taunting Fixit and Lightspeed, she then heads back down the lift. Lightspeed sprints back down the stairs to beat her, but trips and lands at her feet as the lift door opens. “Just where you should be,” she says.

Blackheart finds a list of latitudes and longitudes inside the cigarette case, with a series of codes alongside them. Cross-referencing them with the map, they appear to be combing the Atlantic for something. Our heroes conclude: both the Germans in the zeppelin and Rupert Finch were looking for something. They decide to set off to find Montbatten, since the Germans seem to have an idea as to where he may be and he is next on the list. Fixit and von Steele repair the aircraft, while Brash installs gun turrets on the wings.

On their way out, the plane jumps over the trip wire that opens the door. Reggie Brash comes to the rescue, though, chewing through the door at the end with one of the guns. The plane soars into the air through an explosion, and the adventure is underway!


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