Miss Rita Lovegood - Librarian Adventurer

(Special Thanks to Nick and Paul for their help in creating this character and her background)


(Sex Kitten version below)

Early Years:

Born on the first of January, 1800, Rita Lovegood grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Her father was an archaeologist, scholar and adventurer, and young Rita aspired to be like him. Clever but not necessarily street-smart, she yearned to follow in her father’s footsteps and seek a life of adventure. Her passion for knowledge served her extremely well during her schooling but her thirst for adventure caused her to get into trouble – school yard scrapes. During her summers she would romp around the wild Canadian wilderness seeking the not-so recently lost treasures of the first nations. She wasn’t always aware of the chaos her random disappearances caused back home. Even if the search parties failed to find her, she somehow always managed to find her way back home again. Her father often wished he could tie a cow bell around her neck.

Later Years:

When she reached her early 20’s, Rita seized upon her chance to seek adventure in the Middle East. She took up position as a nurse in Cairo, Egypt and spent her time medically tending to our brave boys stationed there and exploring the ancient ruins and wonders. Of particular interest to her was the library connected to the (extremely) British Museum.

After a few years, she went home to Ottawa and was hired at the Library of Parliament. Her librarian training included a vast collection of languages. Rita is fluent in English, French, Latin and other dead languages, including a healthy smattering of Hebrew. She can also read almost any hieroglyph and somehow emits an air of authority – no one dares to talk in her library.

On the Centurion’s last effort to control the mighty power of Lemuria, they ran out of time and were forced to escape the island before it sank back into time and space. In this escape Kurt Von Luger pushes Rita down and leaves her there presumably to die. The island returns to its time pocket and Rita is trapped. By her perspective she has been on the island for only 10 months and has had time to blend in with the local natives. She knows the layout of the island but knows very little about the mysterious “Elders”.

She lost a fiancé, Rupert Finch.

The Novel:

Rita Lovegood Investigates… the Golem of Prague!!!

After her training as a librarian in Canada, Rita Lovegood travelled to Prague to increase the collection of rare books for the Library of Parliament after a fire devastated the collection. In Prague, she met several unhelpful authority figures, most notably a Rabbi in charge of the city’s oldest Synagogue. However, another local historian Vikki Something suggested she keep poking around as most of the best historical texts were located in that Synagogue. Under the velvety cover of night, Rita infiltrated the Synagogue through the secret tunnels that has been used to smuggle out refugees during times of tumult.

Inside, she found a terrifying artefact – the Golem of Prague! Yes, it turns out this legendry monster is very real and has been stealing diamond for the corrupt Rabbi! Gasp! Egads!

The Rabbi discovered her and threw a piece of paper into the Golem’s mouth. This caused it to attack! Rita ran out into the street, pursued by the muddy, implacable creature. The chase left chaos in its wake and roused the townsfolk from their beds. They came after it with pitch forks and torches. Rita, however, knew just what to do! She doubled back and stood between the Golem and the angry mob, put on her best sexy librarian face, (mainly taking off her glasses, letting down her hair and undoing a top button) and ordered them to HALT! The mob halted obediently and Rita proceeded to turn around primly and rub out the life-giving work on the Golem’s forehead with her thumb, thus causing it to become dormant. Rita explained very clearly to the townspeople what the Rabbi had done, thus turning the angry mob on him.

She returned home triumphant with a smile in her heart and several ancient scrolls for her beloved library.


Sense of Direction
Due to Rita’s years of wondering through the wilderness she has developed an uncanny sense of direction – always able to find her way home in a crisis.

Thirst for Knowledge
Her mind is like a sponge – always willing to be filled up. There’s always room for more facts! As a result, she can skim-read a book for any information at any given time, always finding the salient point quickly. She does, however get a little caught up in her reading to the point of distraction. She can get so engrossed in a book that any and all chaos and danger around her will be ignored.

The Shin Bone is Connected to the…
Beyond Rita’s basic medical training, an aptitude with anything physiological gives her a great advantage when dealing with mysterious deaths. Causes of death are no problem, although she’s still somewhat squeamish. Blood and guts… ick!

Sand Gets Everywhere…
Rita has spent her entire life preparing for a great adventure and as such has taken the time to learn a little bit of every culture around the world. She has a particular focus on the more ancient cultures, but can blend fairly easily into any tribe. Customs, trends, eating habits, superstitions… she’ll never be caught out using the wrong fork to eat her steamed monkey brains.

Sexy Librarian
By a simple adjustment of the way she looks (glasses, hair, bust), Rita can miraculously change from a bookish school ma’am to a drop-dead sex kitten, thus gaining the rapt attention of every male and making her arguments that much more… persuasive. The downside is this can be evoked at the worst possible times, and she might not always want the extra attention.

There’s Always Another Way
Years of adventuring have paid off in that she can always find an alternative entrance to a building or secret room. She might not always be able to find the way out of said building though…
The way in = easy. The way out = … not so much.

Back in MY Day…
Things were a little different in the world 100 years ago. Whenever Rita says “Back in MY day…” whatever she says afterwards will take effect. (Within Reason) For example… “Back in my day, men didn’t hit girls,” And suddenly, no man can hit hero any other woman in the area .

Culture Shock
Sometimes the vast amount of differences and advances in technology are just too much for poor Rita and she lapses into Culture Shock. Happens sometimes when she encounters a piece of technology, etc, that has had major advances in the past 100 years.

Riddle Me This!
Rita's wonderful mind and academic skills means she is pretty darn good at solving word riddles, if she does say so heself. Count on her to know why a raven is like a writing desk.


Superb (+5): Academics
Great (+4): Weapons, Athletics
Good (+3): Investigation, Alertness, Mysteries
Fair (+2): Resolve, Endurance, Survival, Fists
Average (+1): Drive, Science, Art, Intimidation, Deceit


Walking Library (Academics)
Linguist (Academics)
Scary (Intimidation)
Equestrian (Athletics)
Quick Eye (Investigation)

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