Descriptive words

Rehkar is very broad across the shoulders but is less stocky than many Dwarves, almost rangy.
Has a poor memory except for insults, slights and grudges.
Glowers a LOT.
Reads slowly, uses his finger to keep place and often mutters the words under his breath.
Worships Tiamate whole-heartedly.
Leaves no slight or insult unpunished.
Tries to gain much and spend little. Wealth is power and control.
Take what you can from others. Only the strong deserve wealth and it's power.
EVERYTHING is secondary to vengeance.
Respects the Dragonborn.
Detests the remains of the Dwarven Empire and it's inhabitants for it's weakness in falling.
Despises the wealthy and weak.
Is terrified of having his hands crippled like his father.
Is totally celibate and drinks sensibly.

Gameplay Information


Race: Dwarf
Class: Cleric of Tiamat
Level: 4
Age: 37
Height: 4' 4"

Character Sheet:


  1. Raise the Black dragon whelp, Malthorax, in the tenants of Tiamat.
  2. Further the worship of Tiamat.
  3. Become incredibly wealthy.
  4. Shepherd the noble Andrak, he will go far with your religious instruction to assist him.


  1. Protecting Malthorax's egg till it hatched.
  2. Enacting the ritual to turn Melechor into a liche and binding him into an agreement to serve Rekhar till the dwarf dies.


  • Insert Equipment

Magic Items

  • Dwarven Scale Armour +1: appears as small, silver dragonscales.
  • Vengeful Warhammer +1: the head of the hammer is in the shape of a snarling dragon. Gifted to Rekhar by his mentor upon being ordained.
  • Amulet of Physical Resolve +1
  • Symbol of Vengeance +1: the five headed dragon symbol of Tiamat is on the back of a steel gauntlet Rekhar wears on his left hand. Each head terminates at a knuckle making it a vicious weapon, Rekhar considers any blood drawn to be a prayer to his cruel Goddess. Currently damaged.
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