Eladrin Wizard of Vecna

Early Life

Melechor, a former Eladrin prodigy and hope for the future. Ah, how the mighty have fallen. He was born under a different name, but assumed the name of a great and terrible entity from an age long gone. He was consumed by a need for more knowledge, even as a student learning to bend reality as a wizard. It got to a point where he could no longer tolerate those around him, and, fed up with their restrictions, he slaughtered them all. Friends, family, teachers, everything that was his life was washed away in a tide of blood. From then on he wandered creation, gathering fragments of useful information and showing no mercy for the hordes of 'lower beings' he encountered.

Career as a Mercenary

Though he was sickened by the filth of the world around him, Melechor fully embraced its ways, diving into work as part of a mercenary company known as the 'hand of darkness'. The deeds they accomplished together were dark indeed, including hunting down the innocent, robbery and, of course, treasure hunting. this was where he met his demise.

Death and Rebirth

During an expedition to recover some long-forgotten artifacts, Melechor found a sword which would prove to be his undoing. In his lust for power he snatched the weapon from its resting place without proper examination, and did not notice the terrible curse. Ah yes, this sword was indeed imbued with great power, but the blade known as Blackrazor comes at a terrible cost: His Soul. upon touching the cursed blade, his soul was removed, and he was engaged in a massive struggle for his very existence. He won, after a fashion, and was turned into a walking corpse, but imbued with massive strength, as well as control over the dead. For most this would be enough, but not Melechor.
After being given the sword, and all that goes with it, Melechor proceeded to search for a way to retain the power, but remove the curse. Eventually, the Gods themselves provided him the means, but not on purpose. He came into possession of a ritual to transform him into an immortal Lich. After a series of horrible misfortunes, he was separated from Blackrazor, and was forced to use the ritual ahead of time. He did, and was transformed once again.

Time Travel and Demise

Yet more misfortune befell the poor, newly formed Lich. upon being resurrected, he was sucked into a time portal, and wound up many centuries in the past, at a time when Eladrin ruled the world, and all the lower races he despised were little more than property. truly, they were happy days. The group fled some form of danger to a large tower in an Eladrin city, which promptly shot them out of the sky, making them prisoners. they executed a daring escape, only for the Lich to be struck down in the escape! He was reborn at dawn the next day, to find his comrades trying to avert the end of the world by destroying a machine he was trapped inside, by sheer coincidence. they failed, and the machine was activated, destroying all reality. Melechor, as the source of this destructive energy, was promoted to Vecna, God of secrets and enemy of the buffet. sadly, the gods themselves were undone by the reality bomb, and he was destroyed, only to be reborn again in a new universe…..

Gameplay Information


Race: God (Formerly Undead (Formerly Eladrin))
Class: Wizard/bastard/God
Level: 9001
Age: 209
Height: 6'

Character Sheet:


  1. Personal Quests

Gain immortality as a Lich achieved
become most powerful wizard ever


Looted powerful sword
Held in contempt of court by all powerful beings
Killing the council of 9
Became a god

  1. Character Achievments

Destroyed creation


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Magic Items

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