Descriptive words

She was the daughter of a Drow Lolth priestess and a human male sacrifice. Though she disliked her team mates, she went along because she was bored. Any and all beings she managed to kill were in honour of Lolth. She had very few successful attacks, mainly due to botched rolls. Her most successful attack was killing a guard with a frying pan to the head.

She loved spiders. Her often low initiative was blamed on her hunting for spiders in the corners of whatever cave or castle they were in and not paying attention.

Gameplay Information


Race: Half-Elf
Class: Paladin
Level: 4
Age: 25
Height:5' 11"

Character Sheet:


To kill as many as possible.


Surviving an attack when the evil sword Blackrazor took over her team mate.

Surviving Sneaky's obsession with licking her sword.

Becoming a pidgon for a short while and learning the language. Coo-coo!

Pilfering swords and such.

One of those chosen by the gods to go on the epic quests that they did.


Plate Armor (Quite heavy. When the group had a battle in the water, she had to sit out because she would have drowned.)

Longsword (Her pride and joy)

Heavy Shield

Adventurer's Kit and Bedroll

Four Pounds of magic dust (From a magic chest for Loeth)

Very Great Sword

She also used to have three fish. These were eaten.

Magic Items:

Magic Dust. It never got used, but it was valuable.

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