Andrak (Dragonborn Warlord)


Andrak's egg was found some weeks prior to its hatching by a small kobold warren. The warren raised him, not without a certain reverence for the draconic cast of his features and his sheer size, in the worship of Tiamat. As he grew to maturity, Andrak took on more and more of the responsibility of leading kobold raids against merchant caravans on the local trade road. These halcyon days were not to last, however.

One summer day, returning from a successful raid, Andrak and the relatively few kobolds of the strike force found that the warren had been, in a word, massacred. By the paladins of Bahamut; they having seen fit to abolish the raids once and for all. Andrak and his companions barely got away from the few detestable silver-armoured soldiers left to guard over the entrance to the tunnels which had been his home for sixteen years.

Since then, Andrak's remaining kobold companions have been lost to various mishaps; he and his desire for revenge live on. Thus, the decision to join with the Hands of Darkness; it gives an opportunity to gain power and wealth as the creed of Tiamat demands while letting him continue to wander the world in search of followers of the Platinum Dragon to wreak vengeance upon.

Gameplay Information


Race: Dragonborn
Class: Warlord
Level: 3
Age: 22
Height: 6'8''

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