Professor Seth Zebulon

Formative Years


Seth Zebulon was the first born of twins of William and Zylphia Zebulon, archaeologists who were crushed while supervising the placement of a piece of Egyptian art in the Natural History Museum when they were five. Seth's maternal grandfather and only living relative, Horace Smith, noted industrialist was too busy to take on the responsibilities of caring for his two grandchildren. An austere man, the children had a joyless time living under his roof. He did however teach them discipline and the ways of the world. With the death of his father, Seth became the 22nd Earl of Avon, however had no knowledge of his inheritance. Horace turned to Williams boyhood friend, Lord Stride Savage to teach the boys the skills they would need. Savage took on the task with gusto, however he had an ulterior motive.

Having tried and failed to alter Seth's motives he turned to Seth's brother Lucius, who was slowly turned against his brother and family and became Savage's willing pawn. However Savage Hadn't counted on Seth seeing through his plans and outmaneuvered and discredited Lord Savage, who fled to the colonies to lick his wounds. Lucius was sent back to live with Horace, while the Zebulon butler, Nestor Butler, took up his training at Castle Avon and it was here that he met Gerard Butler, who later entered into Seth's service as Butler and valet.

At the age of 13 Seth was accepted to Oxford University and began studying a degree in archaeology, however shying away from the practical aspects of his studies as a result of his parent’s death, he however excelled at the theoretical aspects and was accelerated through his undergraduate studies through the helpful influence of Sir Danvers Carew, Professor of Theoretical Archeology. Horace staunchly disapproved of these theoretical studies believing that Seth should see the world and live up to his birthright and to that end join the army and become an industrialist.

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