The City of Lockhaven

Capital of the Western Realm of the Kingdom of the Northern Isles, and the seat of power for the Heir Apparent of the Kingdom. It is a bustling trading city that has a long history. The Central Keep of the city is built on an outcropping of land at the centre of a lake that makes up most of the city centre. The lake was the result of complex mining in the region and much that was known of the work that ultimately resulted in the city has been lost to the mire of legend, and connects the Lock River to the ocean providing a safe harbour for merchant shipping within the island and greater area.


Approximately 22,000 individuals inhabit the city at any one time. Humans make up the majority, however with a nearby Dwarven city that swears fealty to the Prince there is a sizable number of Dwarves present as well. Halflings and Gnomes are also present within the city working and plying trade where they can. Elves are the subject of low-level bigotry from some of the population resulting from their past failure to join the Great Alliance, or their present failure to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Kingdom of the Northern Isles to the holding of its present lands. The city is relatively cosmopolitan, and most races are at least tolerated (half elves and orcs receiving pity from the people) as long as they obey the laws of the city.

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