Episode 3a: Saving the Princess

The three tasked with saving the princess set out. Makalius is very concerned for the safety of his family, and opts to check on them before rejoining the other two. Sadly, the other two are not well versed in tracking, woodcraft or any other vaguely useful skills, so the blunder about helplessly for almost an hour. Maeglin searches his bag of holding for a map, or something else of use, and instead pulls out a cleric! A Halfling cleric by the name of Woodbourn, who claims to be from a city (Kor-Banoth - The two cities of Kor and Banoth, originally built on the oposite sides of the river Soran formed the one city after the two kingdoms merged and it was made their new capital city) the other two have never heard of. Thankfully, he has some small skill at tracking, and with the help of the logic of the other two, they make their way along the trail of the kidnappers. After some time along the trail, they encounter a pair of werewolves leading a small wolf pack. The battle is frenzied, the lycanthropes giving no mercy, and lashing out with their fangs. The wolves were disposed of in a reasonable time, but their masters proved more difficult, eventually falling with a very lucky shot from Dis. Sadly, this was not before they managed to infect Maeglin with a cursed bite, giving him a very unhealthy pallor. They also got Woodburn, but he managed to shake off the infection before it took hold.

They three adventurers (and Dis) proceeded down the trail until they found a clearing littered with signs of a struggle, particularly one with an air born predator. They were all fearful of dragon attacks, which was very good, considering the dragon that then proceeded to attack them. Sparkling with the colour of emeralds, it swooped on them, as they unleashed their most powerful attacks on it. It was a juvenile, and bellowed in anguish as knives and fireballs rained down on it. Eventually it was slain, and fell to the earth with a sickening thud. The heroes, pragmatic as ever, skinned it and put the remains in a bag of holding before making camp for the night.

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