Episode 2: The Assault On Nerisbeck

After the events in the abandoned magic shop, the heroes sit in a bar arguing over what to do next. After they turn in for the night, they are awoken by the sounds of fire and battle. Nerisbeck is under attack. They spring into action, and split up to see what is going on. Half of the party tries to rally the city guard from their watch house, only to find it had been burned to the ground with most of the city guard inside. The other half made their way to the academy of magic, where they find it to be under attack from hobgoblins. They send up a signal for help, and the adventurers are reunited in the heat of battle. The fighting is intense, with the leader of the hobgoblins falling quickly to the blades of the ranger. But all is not as it seems: a pair of drow appear, wounding Isador and allowing the goblins to close in on him, until he is aided by the dwarf. The battle rages on, and the drow are very resourceful creatures, unleashing a rain of arrows. Eventually, in a stroke of fine battle tactics, the rogue teleports next to a drow and shoves it off of a ledge, into the waiting dwarfs range. The remaining drow is incinerated by the warlock, and the incursion is defeated.

But this is not the end for the city's troubles. The party ventures inside the magic academy, only to find that it has been looted of magical artifacts, from the inside! To add to the worries of the city, the princess Vanessa has been kidnapped and carted off in the night, somewhere out in the wilds beyond the walls. So the party is tasked twofold. save the girl, and get the treasure back. To this end, the adventurers split their forces, with the wizard, fighter, cleric and paladin going in search of treasure, and the rogue, ranger and warlock going to rescue the fair princess.

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