Episode 00: Prelude

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Makalius was celebrating his 21st birthday in the Broken Lantern Inn, along with his long suffering friend Razakel. The ale was in full flow and much fun was being had by all. On a separate purpose, Alexandrina, Isador and Luthien had also come to the Broken Lantern, to celebrate Alexandrina's graduation and to discuss Luthien's notions of a potential treasure hunt in the city's lower catacombs. Overhearing their plans, the tavern's barkeep, Marcus Halfear, stopped by to ask them it they had heard that Jared Ilanov's 15-year-old daughter Sara had disappeared in the surrounding forest and he was offering 200 gold for her return.

Not knowing the forest well, the three requested the aid of Makalius and Razakel in tracking down the girl. After a few false starts, Makalius found Sara's tracks and the party set off, only to loose the tracks half an hour later. What they did encounter, however was a party of goblins, who attacked on sight. Though Makalius was grievously wounded, Alexandrina healed his injuries and the party fended off the attack.

Leaving most of the goblins slain, they managed to capture one alive, and forced him to tell them where Sara was being kept. He subsequently led them to a small cave, where three other goblins were having a dispute of some kind. Luthien tried to negotiate with the goblins, who demanded 200 gold in return for the girl "because that's what Gregori is offering." When negotiations failed, the gobllns attacked. Cutting down all but one of them, the final one, a pathetic soul by the name of Dis, was pressed to reveal information about "Gregori".

According to Dis, Gregori was a traveling elf or eladrin who had been offering a hundred gold pieces to anyone who brought him a young girl. He didn't know how to contact Gregori. Threatened with the options of reforming and leading a good life or being burnt to a cinder, Dis chose reformation, and now works as an aide and general pack horse for the party.

Having finished threatening Dis, the party untied Sara and returned to the Broken Lantern. Jared was overjoyed to see his daughter again, and was pleased to see the decapitated head to the goblin who had captured her. He made good with his offer of 200 gold, as well as offering free accommodation in the Broken Lantern and the Heavy Horse Inns.

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