Razakel is a Tiefling currently residing in the city of Nerisbeck. He is a trained Warlock, aged 23 years.


Abandoned by his (Human) mother at birth, Razakel was taken in by the Sisters of the Raven Queen, and was raised in their care, at the local temple. Because of this, he tends to look unfavourably on humans in general. He also harbors a strong dislike bordering on hatred for other Tieflings, although the reasons for this are not apparent. A very angry child, he had few friends, but showed an aptitude for infernal magics at a young age, and as such was trained by the sisters to harness these abilities for a useful purpose. That purpose was, of course, wiping out the Cult of Orcus and generally doing good deeds. However, he took the Raven Queen's 'no pity, no mercy' philosophy to heart, and thus is only doing good in the sense of destroying evil.

Recent Activities

He has been friends with a dragonborn living in the city, Makalius Torinnov for some time, and recently began engaging in some work with a group of adventurers. After a single adventure, however, he was made to reflect on his actions for a considerable time, and hence was away from normal society for about 3 months. He also obtained an infernal blade from a street youth, it's power singing to him and enhancing his abilities. It has as yet had no influence on his personality

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