First Downtime Period

Four months passed.

As the darkness of winter set in, King Anatoly grew increasingly unwell, often not being seen for weeks at a time. Goblin activity in the region picked up, culminating in several attacks on merchant caravans that mobilized the city's nobles into increasing the number of patrols.

For their part, our valiant heroes keep themselves busy as best they could:




Returning to the academy, Luthien continued on with his arduous studies. He could always be found, deep in the night his head buried in some ancient tome of magic that he had uncovered from the archives. Forgotten books of magic were where he thrived, and he devoured each book, gaining much knowledge of the arcane forces at work in this new plane. When not studying the books, he would seek out the great masters of the academy, especially those on the Illuminated Council. He learned quickly and many were impressed by the speed of his progress, with many suggesting that soon he would be more powerful than the Illuminated Council combined.

When not studying, a rare thing as even when he was not at the academy he would always have a book open. Scribbling down notes on scraps of paper or within his mighty spell book. Often he would be seen in the Broken Lantern, in a dark corner his pen quietly scratching away as he muttered softly to himself. Occasionally he would be visted by Alex or Isadore and he would momentarily turn away from his studies to speak with his only real friends.




After returning to the temple where he was raised, Razakel was made to endure a course of penance and prayer for his actions while out in the world. this was as a punishment for sparing the goblin Dis from death, and doing so for selfish reasons at that. This period of spiritual training allowed him to further develop his infernal powers. Other than that, his time was mostly spent stalking the city, restlessly. he was accosted by a youth brandishing a dagger one day, and he reacted badly to it. the young man attempted to rob him, and was punished switfly for his actions. this left Razakel in possession of the dagger, which sang to him with dark power, it's infernal energies echoing in the tiefling. the blade would enhance his abilities in battle, but it also caused the demon part of him to stir.

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