Alexandrina Orson

Short, quiet but feisty, the young Priestess of Ioun, Handmaiden of Prophecy has a job to do. Raised in a quiet village town she was the last daughter of a large farming family. Her desire to see justice done and her thirst for knowledge resulted in her acceptance into the Temple of Ioun in Nerisbeck at the age of ten. After eight years of studying the laws and predictions made by Ioun and the Seers she was finally initiated as a full priestess. Her calling is a strange one, for she is not your typical adventurer. Using the powers bestowed upon her by Ioun she seeks to find and uplift the heroes foretold by the Temple's Seers and act as the thumb upon the scales, making sure that those things predicted by Ioun come to pass. She is reserved, talking little and observing much, but can be hasty to spill the blood of those she considers enemies to herself, her charge and her mission.


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