Nerisbeck Chronicles

The Nerisbeck Chronicles was a campaign run by Tom Buttery in 2008 and early 2009 using the (at the time newly released) Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition rule set. This was the first campaign run by the Adelaide University Role Playing Club.

The city of Nerisbeck is a predominantly human and dwarven city lying at the edge of a large cliff. Its catacombs contain untold wonders and horrors, while the city finds itself under threat both external and internal. From the city, a band of adventurers set forth to find glory.

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This section of the site is dedicated to the D&D 4th Ed game being played at the Clubs Association on Thursday nights.

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The City of Nerisbeck

Alexandrina Orson, Human Cleric
Isador Razumov, Human Paladin
Luthien Falumus, Eladrin Wizard
Maeglin Saintsbane, Eladrin Rogue
Makalius Torinnov, Dragonborn Ranger
Razakel, Tiefling Warlock

The Story So Far

Episode 00: Prelude
First downtime period
Episode 01: Arrowhart's Magical Emporium
Episode 02: Nerisbeck Assaulted!
Episode 03a: Saving the Princess
Episode 03b: Kcebsiren

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