Game Master Tools

This is the Game Masters repository of free tools and programs that make running games easier.

It is important to note that the uploaded files lose their extensions, the extensions are included as a note next to the download link so that you can add that once it has been downloaded.

CrawlNotes v2.2 RAR File
developed by: Logan Booker

Plan and run your dungeons using the one tool. Create rooms, corridors and areas of interest, store descriptions, items and monster information and either play through your dungeon from your PC or print it out as HTML and do it the classic way.

TrackWork v0.5 RAR File
developed by: Logan Booker

Trackwork is an initiative tracker for D&D. It’s built with 3.5e in mind, but it can manage 4e, if you don’t mind that it only tracks AC defense. Here’s a list of specific features:

  • Tracks health, armour and initiative of multiple opponents
  • Automated initiative step-through
  • Can import data from PCGen PCG files
  • Save fights in progress and restore them later
  • Mass-add combatants
  • Mass-roll Listen and Spot checks, including skill and stat bonuses

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