Blood on the Western Seas: Characters

Player Characters

Dawn Caste - Flowing Rat, Snake-style martial artist
Zenith Caste - Conquering Typhoon of the Crushing Wave, fleet builder and statesman (Portrayed by Andrew Watson)
Twilight Caste - Blazing Mantis, sorceress
Night Caste - Assassin of the Bright Citadel, ideological killer
Eclipse Caste - Bronze Panther of the Crashing Seas, authorized Coral privateer

Supporting Player Characters1

Full Moon Caste - Silver Ice

Journeys Caste - Radiant Flight of Daggers (deceased)

Daybreak Caste - Infinite Hunger

Fire Caste - Cathak Sueo
Fire Caste - Ranat Gax
Wood Caste - Cathak Usuda
Air Caste - Nellens Roiha
Wood Caste - Cynis Nodoke (no longer in focus)
Earth Caste - Mnemon Deko (no longer in focus)

Important Non-Player Characters

Twilight Caste - Ivory Lotus, adviser to the Sea Lord (minor ally)
Eclipse Caste - Maegan Silver-Tongue, Coral rebel (minor ally)

Fire Caste - Cathak Sachawayo (ally)
Water Caste - Peleps Hemusi (minor antagonist)
Air Caste - Ledaal Fikkahi (minor antagonist)
Earth Caste - Ragara Kuyane (minor antagonist)
Wood Caste - Cynis Wesu (minor antagonist; deceased)
Fire Caste - Cathak Tewru (minor antagonist)

Day Caste - Flickering Bow of the Unrepentant Citadel (major antagonist; deceased)
Moonshadow Caste - Azrael Morningstar (major antagonist; deceased)

Endings Caste - The Dedicated (minor antagonist)

Denizens of the Underworld
The Bodhisattva Anointed By Dark Waters, aka the Silver Prince (major antagonist; deceased, but not letting that hold him down)

Wulfo Mahepo, southern trader
Ravening Death, tax collector
The Sea Lord

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