Blood on the Western Seas: Campaign

Story 1: The Tale of the Lotus and the Darkness

Our heroes intervene in a slave trading operation and discover that it is partially sponsored by the satrap of the City of the Steel Lotus, Cynis Wesu. In deposing him, they accidentally spark of a catastrophe: Assassin's Abyssal brother, Flickering Bow of the Unrepentant Citadel, sways the angry mob left in the Solars' wake into beseiging the city in their name. The Solars evade an ambush by Wesu's grieving fellowship and return to the City of the Steel Lotus to find it disputed by two rival Terrestrials who are arguing over how to put down the rebellion, while the region itself is slowly becoming a shadowland. They manage to disrupt Flickering Bow's plans, killing his puppet general. They find themselves trapped between two forces, the Wyld Hunt, come to slay the anathema causing the disruption, and the forces from Skullstone led by Azrael Morningstar, sent by the Silver Prince to repell Flickering Bow's army. Not wanting to get further involved, the Solar circle and their companions abandon the city, heading for Coral.

Story 2: The Tale of the Circle Opposed and Allied

Certain that something is shifty with the Silver Prince and Skullstone, the circle comes up with a plan to infiltrate Skullstone: they will sell Mantis and the two female Terrestrials as slaves to a noble in Skullstone, let them do some digging around, and then rescue them in spectacular style. They get interrupted by a sidereal warning of great peril if they go ahead with this plan; unfortunately, the plan has already gone ahead, so the rescue party goes into action, saving the would-be slaves from a mass suicide/homicide. In the resulting scuffle, the Solars kill both Azrael Morningstar and Flickering Bow along with around 500 Skullstone troops. This provokes the Silver Prince to demand that Coral strip Panther of his citizenship. Coral has problems of its own, however: a Solar advisor to the Sea Lord was fueding with a Solar-led revolution. The crew of the Sea Sprite set about resolving these problems, bringing the other Solars together and getting an agreement from them to work together to rebuild Coral, while attempting to secure a First Age manse to defend against invasion from Skullstone. They also discover two new allies: Silver Ice, the reincarnation of Blazing Mantis' Lunar mate; and Infinite Hunger, an Abyssal refugee from the Silver Prince. With their help and that of Radiant Flight of Daggers, they unlock the defense manse looming over Azure. Further more, they find within a connection to their past lives in the First Age, including a forboding suggestion that Mantis' First Age incarnation may have been the man who became the Silver Prince.

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