The club currently runs events on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Clubs Association, Ground Floor, Lady Symon Building, The University of Adelaide and on X at X.


  • Pathfinder - Full
  • Star Wars - Full


  • Exalted - Full
  • Scion - Open
  • Arena - Not running in Second Semester 2009


  • Spirit of the Century - Full

Put up any other events, i cant think of any

Special Events

Paul Briske Presents: ZOMPOCALYPSE!!!
Join your friends as you battle your way out of the city in a sandbox style zombie infested Adelaide using characters based on your own skills! Using the D20 Modern system and using real maps of the university campus and the city the ultimate survival horror awaits! COMING SOON!

10,000 Orcs
Over 16 players and 4 GM's participated in this one off special event, which started with the GM's running sections of a map, followed by individual adventures with the players who chose to follow their path which culminated with a giant battle which was run by the game 'Grand Master'. Organised by Tom Buttery, who orchestrated the other GM's: Nichole Johnston, Nicholas Catapano, Simon Walsh and Matthew Taylor.

The following awards were presented:

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