Episode 03-Evil Mechinations

After defeating a horde of death knights and the demon prince orcus. sadly, his the beast was not the true demon god, but a small avatar. there was, however, a lot of good loot to be had, including some works of art. they found a passage way, and followed it. soon, the passage way was revealed to be a trap. spikes came out of the walls, and a door began to shut them in, ensuring their death. the paladin, doing what she does best, bashed a wall until it was an escape route. behind the wall was a series of complex mechanisms, with a large circle in the centre of the room. they figured out that the machine was a teleport device, and activated it, transporting them to a large, empty complex.
it appeared to be underwater, and in pretty shabby condition. they tried a door at random, and it opened to a flooded section of the place. they promptly fled, down another corridor, and found something very disturbing. in a small room, they found a work space, and the body of a woman who had hanged herself some many years ago. it gave them all the wiggins, so they explored furthur.

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