Episode 02-Crypt Of The Death Knight

The heroes were deep in the crypt of a powerful death knight, surrounded and with no means of escape. the leader of the death knights, and former owner of the castle wandered away to summon his master, to test the heroes. in the meantime, several less powerful vassals of the knight attacked the heroes. the soldiers of the knight charged and gradually wore the heroes down. it seemed desperate, but at that moment a dwarf burst through the wall, attacking some of the knights. sadly, whenever a knight was destroyed, another 2 seemed to spring up in it's place. at the same time, a cloud of ominous mist appeared across the room from the heroes. out of it materialized a powerful warlock, who almost immediately summoned an angel and began taking the knights apart. however, as the knights fell, a greater danger emerged. the knight succeeded in summoning his master, a dark demon with wings and a skull on a stick. the angel charged in and attacked the demon prince, while the heroes focused on the death knight. they noticed his earthly remains in a crypt in the centre of the room, and destroyed it, killing the death knight and sending the demon into a rage. he was eventually felled, leaving the heroes to loot his castle for anything even remotely worthwhile.

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