Episode 01-Incursion at the Keep

There was a time of relative calm in the rolling meadows outside stonehaven. there were the usual small raids, but those were to be expected. nothing ever changes. ho hum, as it were. the raiding goblins had, however, been becoming more brazen in their methods as of late, and as such, a small posse was rallied together to find the den, or nest or whatever it is that goblins inhabit, and go back for more help. the three who were chosen for duty were a cleric, a paladin and a ranger. they tracked the goblins to an abandoned keep, and decided to have a bit of a scout around. a little reconnoiter, as it were. upon entering the courtyard, they found it seemingly empty, and proceeded onward, only to be assaulted by living statues, gargoyles! the gargoyles seemed to have the upper hand on the brave adventurers, swooping down to deal death as was their want, until one of them picked the wrong perch. the foolish statue set down on a crumbling archway, which to the surprise of no one crumbled, destroying the foul beast. this battle, however, attracted the attention of some far worse creatures. as the gargoyles were vanquished, Galeb Duhr sprung up in their place. worse still, all the noise from the fighting attracted a horrific beast, all eyes and mouths. it mesmerised the paladin temporarily, but was dealt with in due time, as were the gargoyles and stone men. the battle was long and fierce, but eventually, and with a great deal of luck , the horrors fell before the blades of the adventurers. they cleaned their wounds and ventured inside the castle looming above them.

Before them stood a great dining hall, obviously long disused and decrepit. they ventured forth, only to find a knight trapped in living death, servant of some greater evil. it questioned their presence, but they cleverly bluffed their way past it, claiming to be servants of it's master, the demon prince Orcus. Unfortunately for them, the knight led them to a ritual altar, and forced them to drink a foul concoction. the paladin and cleric managed to fight off it's ill effects, but the ranger was not so lucky, and felt the poison seep into his veins. their bluff had worked, but it had led them into a huge cavern, filled with deadly foes………

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