The following characters exist in this adventure:


  • Alklyr the Amazing (Drow Rogue)
  • Victor Pendragon (Dragonborn Swordmage)
  • Kyriele (Half Elf Wizard)
  • Finn White-Legs (Eladrin Ranger)
  • Gauthak (Goliath Fighter)
  • TBA (Dwarven Cleric)

Notable NPCs:

  • Gorn (Lizardfolk Barfly)
  • Calvyn (Dwarf Barfly)
  • Malyn (Human Barman)
  • Coach (Goliath Barman)
  • Dyane (Half-Elf Barmaid)
  • Buttermilk and Marmalade (Horses)

Minor NPCs:

  • Watch Detective
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