The Characters


Spring Court

Ein Sof: (Fairest Telluric)

Bishop Ein is an eclectic creature, a fusion of a dozen creeds, ideologies and faiths. Galaxies spin within the pitch-black hollows that are his eyes and when he walks dust tends to float into the air, forming familiar patterns of stars, planets and supernovae in a delicate dance. Recognizing his role as a member of the Blackbird Bishopric, inky black feathers sprout from his sleeves.

Now in his early fourties, Ein burst from the hedge in a blaze of celestial glory as a young adult, unable to comprehend the sensation of earth beneath his feet and oxygen in his lungs. Ever since, he’s had a penchant for heights, often looking down from rooftop getaways for hours on end. In his more depressed moments, Ein has even threatened to jump, leading many to question the sanity that he works so hard to reinforce in others. Whatever his hang-ups, Ein is a man of faith. He may not know which one, but regardless he has a fervent belief in the perfectibility and redemption of humankind. It’s not always his place to force his associates to better themselves, but in a world scarred by a sick and depraved humanity, he understands that redemption is one thing that people desire regardless of culture or class. Perhaps this led to him assuming the mantle of the Bishop, and it certainly led to him claiming the Spring Crown when the previous bearer was speared by a faulty piece of construction equipment. While Ein does not say such out loud, he clearly feels that his calling, his perspective on the verdant season is at once more noble and more meaningful than that of Bastiza de Innocenti. Wanting to be a better person doesn’t mean that he can escape the bitterness and spite that drives him, after all. The two have been known to become engaged in roaring rows, however these have quietened recently.

By day, Ein works as an administrator for Breaking Boundaries, an interfaith organization with an office in Adelaide. He is normally contactable by phone and is always happy to make time for other members of the Freehold. Through his connections in the Caring Hearts Society, Ein has become very active in the civil life of Adelaide. Well known in the city’s political and philanthropic circles, Nelson has connections in a number of convenient places. While perhaps more cautious than the other Spring courtiers, he retains an element of the joie de vivre common to the more balanced members of the court. Once a year he leaves Adelaide and does a tour of Australia, visiting the various freeholds and communes of Lost scattered around the country.

With his not inconsequential resources and friendship circles, Ein is often delegated the task of organising events and gatherings, arranging the venue and making sure everyone is in the know. Despite his persistent socialization however, Ein Sof never seems quite there. He usually appears somewhat preoccupied by something, and the older Lost would recognise that this is a far shot from the focussed and determined darkling who emerged from the hedge so many years ago.

Nelson Heidegger (Darkling Gravewight)

Heidegger is one of the Verdant Sovereign’s favourites within the court, although she takes pains to make it appear that such isn’t the case. Having existed in the freehold for six years the Claviger and right-hand man of Bastiza de Innocenti has seen it all and it’s yet to dim his passion. When he initially escaped from Arcadia, this Gravewight gravitated between the Autumn and Winter courts, toying with their various philosophies before rejecting both for the passion and verve of the Emerald Court. Today, Heidegger functions as one of Satrap de Innocenti’s two clavigers. What Heidegger lacks in might is more than capably made up by (Insert name here), and this Darkling is more than happy to fill the support role. Although he’s hardly a hedge-survivalist, he’s spent some time training in a stealth and reconnaissance role.

From appearances, Heidegger appears to be consumptive young man. He has the red, swollen eyes of a Tuberculosis sufferer and his skin is so pale as to be almost white. When the weather gets cold he also has an unfortunate tendency to cough up blood, a fact that never gets less disturbing. While he appears weak, however, this just seems to be the curse of his mien. He does become ill easily, but remains chipper and hard-working despite.

Having a thorough knowledge of Spring’s healing magic and a reserve of goblin fruit hidden away for just such purposes, Heidegger is the one to go to when a duel or similar is in order.

Prudence Marie:

Prudence is a member of the Friendship Society, a motley within the freehold that maintains a public library in Adelaide.

Autumn Court –

Pigsblood Helen: (Redcap?)

When Carroway led his first Wild Hunt, in 1979, the Summer courtiers he took with him were shocked to find a young woman crouched low in the boughs of the hedge with a splash of blood and a look of menace across her features. She smiled at them, then, over the torn body of a dead hob, and revealed a too-wide mouth filled with row upon row of razor sharp teeth. The hunters had to restrain her, and even then she gouged a deep rift in Carroway’s right hand with those sharp teeth.

Such was Helen’s first introduction to the Freehold of Adelaide and the world of the Lost. A feral child of the wilderness, it took a great deal of time spent with the freehold’s counsellors for her to regain any sense of self and humanity. When she was again ready to be introduced to reality, it was a harsh awakening, and one that she never really adjusted to. After a brief stay in the Summer court, she gravitated naturally towards the fearsome aspects of the Autumn Court. She was never an occultist, and so fell out of favour with some of the more esoteric cliques, but with Threepenny Jack’s patronage she rose to prominence in the court. Eventually the previous king disappeared, dragged kicking and screaming into the hedge after making the wrong bargain and Pigsblood Helen stepped in to fill the hole much to Mother’s chagrin. Although she was not a leader in the traditional sense, the autumn court enjoyed a period of increased openness that has not been seen since.

Personally, Helen retains some of her feral origins, never quite having recovered from whatever occurred in her durance in that regard. She is quick to judge and abrasive, but also open about her motivations and goals. Today, she works in a slaughterhouse and is the strong arm of the autumn court.

Dominic Zeitgeist: (Darkling)

Dominic is a strange sort; constantly plugged into the world around him he takes in information like a sponge and then twists those insights for his own inscrutable ends. He hardly matches the stereotype of ashen courtiers as grotesque and bookish sorts; rather, he is eloquent and comradely in a slightly eerie way.

A reflection of his Darkling nature, Dominic is stick thin with eyes that are too wide and ears that are slightly too large. He wasn’t found simply wandering the hedge like many Lost are, but rather presented himself to the freehold seventeen years hence, having left Melbourne for reasons that he discussed with none but the Freehold’s leaders. Whatever the reason, he was already a member of the Autumn Court when he arrived.

His genius with information, statistics and numbers has seen him do well, and Dominic can regularly be found trading stocks in the CBD. It is rare for something to occur in Adelaide’s insulated little business world without Dominic hearing about it.

Whatever his past, Dominic is a stalwart of his court and relays the edicts of Mother to the freehold at large. If he is particularly skilled in any area of the occult, then he is yet to show it.

Threepenny Jack: (Darkling Razorhands)

Threepenny Jack has been around for as long as anyone can possibly remember. Carroway and Mother, two of the oldest Lost still active in Adelaide remember him already having a place here when they escaped from Arcadia. He is a noble of the Office of Vizierial Counsel, having promised his abilities to the freehold at large at some point in the murky past.

Largely, Threepenny Jack tries to stay out of Freehold politics, instead focussing his time and efforts on the workings of the motley he leads, the Three Corner Jack. Whatever his position within the Autumn Court, relations between Jack and Mother are largely unknown. In conversation, the two purposefully direct the conversation when the topic comes up.

Little is known about Jack, which is a source of constant bemusement for the Freehold at large; he does what he does from day to day, but all that could possibly be derived from this is that he genuinely has the world’s best interests at heart. Whatever conclusions people have come to, it is clear that he is powerful; the magic of the wyrd visibly rolls off him in waves, sending shivers down the spines of those he encounters, and his mantle is powerful.

Winter Court-

Formosa Sam:

A young man of Chinese extraction, Sam legally does not exist. Or if he does, it is under layer upon layer of cryptography and paranoid security. Solemn and quiet, this Fairest whose skin glows softly in the dark is as much of a mystery as any Winter Courtier. He has only been escaped for close to a year and has yet to contribute to the freehold in any meaningful way. He is a member of the Three Corner Jack, and is deeply entrenched in their ways.

Summer Court

Grimnir Thornbearer

An ogre of the old school, Grimnir is big, loud and angry. He is a stalwart of the Summer court, and if Carroway can be convinced that the situation warrants, Grimnir’s strength is a terrifying sight to behold.

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