Campaign Timeline

15,000 - The Eladrin Race is formed during the Eternal Wars between the Gods the Primordials. The Eladrin were charged with the protection of the world and given great power and knowledge to guide the varying cultures.

9563 - The lower elven races are born from Eladrin experimentation in interbreeding. The creation of a lower race sparks a political upheaval in the ranks of the Eladrin people.

9556 - The Great Council is formed out of respect for the growing awareness of the lower races. The Council is headed by the Eladrin Archmage, with representatives from each lower race.

9542 - Archus, the Eladrin Archmage is killed. His main rival, Sylvan, assumes the role.

9499 - Sylvan banishes the Orc and Goblin races from the Great Council.

9427 - The Great Council declares that all peoples of the world shall exist under a single banner. The Sylvan Empire is formed.

9320 - The City of Sylar is built in the name of the new Sylvan Empire.

9122 - The Great Works begins. All slave races are worked to build great monuments and structures of power in the name of the Empire.

6000 - The Sylvan Wars is fought between an alliance of Men and Dwarves against their Elven masters.

5847 - Sylar falls. The Eladrin people are conquered. Many flee into the Fey Wild, however many more chose to stay and help rebuild their world.

5573 - The world is divided up into equal portions for all the races, except the Orc and Goblin races. The guiding principles of the new world order is written in the Alabaster Scolls.

5570 - The First White Council is formed, and the immortal Dawn Princes are created to uphold the Alabaster Scrolls. The Age of Dawn is Declared.

5000 - Acererak the lich is destroyed, and his soul is sent to Baator.

4899 - The Elven Court is established on Glanting Isle.

4708 - The Human Malacisti Empire is founded on the continent of Tor , and all the Dawn Princes swear allegiance to Pramus Oriasini, the first Malacisti Emperor to sit the Malacite Throne.

4565 - The Verdraaken Empire rises along the Western shores of Tor by a mixture of human, dwarf and dragonborn settlements on the Island chains along the coast.

4201 - The Mage Wars is fought between the two empires.

4006 - The Verdraaken and Malacisti Empires form the Fallcrest Alliance and charge the White Council to uphold it. The Dawn Princes swear loyalty to no Empire and begin the task of limiting magic in the world.

3858 - Rapiers and different forms of armor raise to prominence in the Malacisti Empire, and their popularity is carried East to the Verdraaken Empire.

3008 - Gunpowder and firearms are developed by the Verdraaken Empire

2356 - Steam power is used for the first time to generate electricity.

1899 - The Verdraaken Empire falls to the depradations of abberant outsiders summoned by exiled runemages. An Age of Darkness falls over the lands. Magic once again attains dominance in the world.

1592 - The Summoners War begins when the remaining members of the Runebound gather, and using the last great magics of the Verdraaken Empire create dragon servants. The cost of this summoning is the magic and sanity of runemages. The First White Council is destroyed and the Dawn Princes are scattered throughout the world.

1580 - Morrighal is abandoned by the dwarves, who flee to Khadenhall, led by their last king Daern Blacktower.

1582 - The Dwarven Empire Falls.

1560 - The Summoners War ends leaving a fractured human civilization overflowing with refugees from the war.

1558 - Cuthbert, a Dawn Prince takes up residence in Antharia, former capital of the Verdraaken Empire and forms the Empire of Anthar.

1487 - The Entarin Empire forms in the South of Tor, bordering on Anthar and Malacisti.

1354 - The Entarin Empire extends its reach to the southern most parts of the continent. The continent of Urcho is discovered and trade is formed between the Onai Empire. The city of Driz is founded on the Southern most point of Tor by the Entarin Empire, and the city of Dreo is founded at the northen most point by the Onai Empire at the landbridge between the two continents.

1300 - Vecna rises as a lich and forges her own empire, soldiered by the undead and other foul creatures. Many people are enslaved.

1266 - The Second White Council is formed by the Malacisti, Antharan and Entarin Empires, and the Dawn Princes are called to arms to defeat Vecna.

1143 - The Anthar and Entarin Empires verge on the brink of collapse. The MalacistiEmpire rallies to their aid in the Battle of the Littlesteam.

1060 - Vecna is defeated by the Dawn Princes, and her empire crumbles.

965 - Baligante, the first of many Entarin Protectorates, is founded when the corrupt Margrave of Tellmarch offers land in the Blackfens to the Entarin Emperor for an obscene sum of money. With magic, a large portion of the Blackfens are drained, and the boggards are driven deeper into the marshlands.

350 - The Entarin Protectorates declare independence and form their own kingdoms.

300 - Kaz, a Dawn Prince, is corrupted by Orcus. The lands of the South are removed and the barren Outlands are formed in the south of Tor effectively cutting off all trade with Urcho. A strange nomadic people appear in the Outlands.

299 - The first sighting of Roflenia by Antharan Pirates.

280 - Humans from Goethe settle ruins of Morrighal. Verden Blacktower is outraged, and war nearly breaks out between Goethe and Khadenhall.

266 - The Edict of Deviltry is issued by the Second White Council in the Entarin Empire, proclaiming that all arcane magic is a machination of Astaroth, and that all wizards and sorcerers are accursed to burn in Baator for using such magic, and their souls are in danger by their ignorance. The White Crusade is proclaimed, and inquisitors travel to the Kingdoms from the Empire to expunge the evil from the Jewel Fields. Many sorcerers with fiendish bloodlines are put to death.

265 - The first airship flies from the Ashport docks

263 - Wizards, sorcerers, and other arcane casters flee the Kingdoms in the face of the White Crusade. Several cities on the southern coast of the Protectorate Sea offer sanctuary, becoming known as the Magelands (and the Protectorate Sea becomes known as the Heretic’s Ocean).

247 - Gear clocks are rediscovered in the ruins of the Verdraaken capital.

219 - Steam locomotives are developed and work on track building connects the great empires together.

197 - First incursion of Drow from Roflenia into the Malacisti Empire. Small skirmishes persist every couple of years.

102 - Aarishem dies, throwing the Antharan Empire into civil war.

88 - Tenser is taken into the custody of the White Crusade by Deacon Ultrafer, and is kept for two years in the capital of Nerath. When he returns to Baligante, all priests are turned out of the Golemworks and made unwelcome.

87 - Count Daroche Oriador proclaims himself King of Amoth, and the city-states of Heux and Aro swear their allegiance to him.

44 - The Second White Council, now led by the Archdeacon of Aarden, quietly revokes the Edict of Deviltry, as it has fallen into disuse, confirming that the practice of arcane magic is not a theological practice, and that the White Council cannot judge it to be immoral or evil.

25 - Mordenkainen Hoenott becomes the Headmage of the Acadaemae in Goethe

9 - First reported full scale invasion from Roflenia into Tor.

2 - Reports of Goblin activity in the South.

0 - The Present. The Ragewar Succession begins.

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