Blood on the Western Seas

After thousands of years absent from Creation, the Solar Exalted return to reshape the world. As the agents of the Abyss work their plans throughout the West, a circle of Lawgivers unite aboard the Sea Sprite to fight for a world that fears and loathes them.

Blood on the Western Seas focusses on the adventures of Bronze Panther, Assassin, Mantis, Typhoon and Rat as they try to defy the Silver Prince and his dark forces. The setting broadly follows the base Exalted 2nd Ed setting, though ships are more of a Pirates of the Caribbean in design rather than the Greco-Roman style presented in the book. Coral, being home to Panther, is less corrupt and bloodthirsty than its canon equivalent.

GM: Tom Buttery

Exalted Characters
A summary of the main characters in the story.

The Campaign
A summary of the campaign so far.

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