Ballad to a New Beginning

A Shadow Realm Tale

Directly following on from th events of The Ragewar Chronicles. The universe having been torn usunder has finally fallen back into place, time is once again a constant and the chaos remembered now as only the Reign of Chaos is a whispered memory. Great civilizations that were formed during the Age of Dawn, that fell during the Dark Times are beginning to be rebuilt, lessened in majesty by what was wrought. Welcome to the Age of Shadows.

"Though they may not all reside within the borders of his land, his hand reaches far and in the end they all do his bidding."
Lord Themis


The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system extends and modified the Dungeons & Dragons rules from the 3.5 Edition of the game as published under the Open Game License and remains backward-compatible with the 3.5 Edition, while addressing many of the issues with it. For this reason it was chosen as the system to create the world the players now find themselves in.

GM: Matthew Taylor

Background information on important places within the world.

A summary of the main characters in the story.

The Campaign
A brief outline of the events and adventures of our characters.

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