The Adelaide University Role Playing Club was founded in 2008 after it was discovered that there were many people on campus who wanted to role play but didnt know anyone else. Since then there has been at least one event run each and every week, various game systems from Dungeons and Dragons to Paranoia, and various styles from weekly campaign sessions to arena style combat - the Adelaide University Role Playing Club endevours to provide its members with the best experience possible.

This site will be the repository of game information for players and individuals interested. Games run by the club and held at the Clubs Association will have their relevant information here.

Upcoming Events

In 2010 AURP will be running events regularly on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. Go here to find out information regarding upcoming game sessions, if they have any free spaces and any major events that are planned.

Orientation Week 2010

For Orientation Week 2010 AURP will be running preview games for new members to participate.

Game Masters

If you have a story idea but dont have the players to tell your story, you can apply to be a Game Master with AURP.

You need to have a Wikidot.com account and be signed to apply for membership.

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